Board of directors

The board of directors has overall responsibility for the management of the hospitals. The Helse Fonna board of directors consists of representatives appointed by Helse Vest and representatives elected by staff. All board representatives have an equal vote.

​​Chairman of the board​

Kjell Arvid Svendsen 

​​Vice chairman of the board​​​

Brian Bjordal


Hilde Christiansen

Gunnar Birkeland

Solfrid Borge 

Boardmembers – employees

Pål Midbøe

Tove Martha Callaghan

Nina Budal

Helge Espelid

Vice members - employees

Laura Lill Haavik

Åse Berit Rolland

Harald Nes

Wenche Lie

Valborg Sekse

Bjørn Nedrebø​​


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Last updated 10/31/2017